Earning Money

How will IQbanc Build it’s Membership Base?

From it’s first day forward, IQbanc will focus its attention on growing the Membership base.

Following the lead of Companies such as Groupon and Living Social, IQbanc will incentivize it’s Members to help spread the word.

Member’s who refer at least two additional Subscribers will have their monthly Membership fee waived.

Affiliate Program

IQbanc’s growth plan also includes an Affiliate Program which pays Affiliates a generous ongoing commission on the Members which they enroll.

To participate in the Affiliate program, Affiliates will pay a nominal set-up and registration fee ($29.95).  They will also pay a modest monthly technology fee ($10.00) which covers the cost of their personalized websites and back office tools.

Affiliates may elect to become Members, but they are not required to do so.

How will the Company attract Affiliates?

To expedite the growth of our Affiliate Team, IQbanc Affiliates will be given the opportunity to build a network of Affiliates.

Those who take advantage of the opportunity can qualify to earn commissions on the Members which are enrolled by multiple levels of Affiliates in their organization

Through a multi-tiered compensation structure, Affiliates will have the opportunity to earn a significant residual income.