What is IQbanc?

IQbanc is a Research and Education Firm that specializes in collecting and disseminating Crowd-Sourced Investment Data.

The Data it collects – along with a suite of analytical tools – is marketed to individual investors through a Membership Program.

Members pay for access to IQbanc’s Data and analytical tools via a monthly Subscription Fee.

The cost of a Subscription is:

$49.95 per-month

How is the data generated?

IQbanc collects its Crowd-Sourced Investment Data through a monthly, online stock picking contest called the “IQb Challenge”.

The Contest is Free to participate in – and generous cash prizes are awarded to the winners.  It is anticipated that tens-of-thousands of people will ultimately be taking part in the free monthly contests.

IQbanc will maintain a website and “Leader Board” where Contestants in the IQb Challenge can monitor how their portfolio is stacking-up against other Contestants’ entries.

At the end of each Contest period, significant Cash prizes will be awarded to the Contestants whose portfolios generated the highest rate of return.

Where does the prize money come from?

IQbanc allocates a percentage of each Member’s monthly Subscription fee to the prize pool.

Why are members willing to pay the monthly subscription fee?

By utilizing the analytical tools that are available to Subscribers, IQbanc Members can build and monitor the performance of up to 100 different “beta” Stock Portfolios.

These “beta” Portfolios will be based upon the stock picks which various segments of the Contestant pool have selected.

Members have complete control over which segments of the Contestant Pool they want to pull data from.

If and when a Member identifies a segment of the Contestant base whose stock picks are generating an above average return, they can use this data to construct “real” portfolios at the stock brokerage firm of their choice.

These real portfolios can then mirror the results which the chosen Contestants are achieving in the Contest.

This is the “end game”.  This is how Members can generate a significant financial return on the money which they have allocated to their monthly Subscription fee.

Note: IQbanc does not give financial advise. It simply provides Crowd Sourced Data and the tools that Members can use to analyze it.

What is the value of the IQbanc database?

The ultimate value of IQbanc’s database is directly proportional to the number of people who are participating in the IQb Challenge.

Likewise, the number of Contest Participants will be directly proportional to the size of the Cash Prizes being offered.

With that in mind, IQbanc’s plan is to continually increase the size of the Cash Prizes being offered in the Stock Picking Contest.

The first place prize will start out at $10,000 per-month.  As the Membership grows, so will the prize pool.

In the future,  first place finishers can expect to earn as much as $50,000.